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#tbt to my favorite episode of #greysanatomy #japril #elope #minttobe, #onemonth until season 11, can’t wait!!


"I love you. Oh.. God.. Oh, my God, that just came flying out of my face. I love you. I just.. I did it again.. I love you. I do. I just, I love you and I have been trying not to say it. I have been trying so hard to just mash it down and ignore it and not say it… I am so in love with you. You’re in me. You’re like.. It’s like you’re a disease. It’s like I am infected by Mark Sloan and I just can’t think about anything or anybody.. And I can’t sleep. I can’t breathe. I can’t eat. And I love you. I love you all the time. Every minute of everyday. I love you.


Callie:Nessuno, Nessuno ha mai pensata che voi due foste una coppia?
Meredhit:No, perché ci scopiamo i ragazzi come puttane ubriache di tequila..
Cristina:… e poi cerchiamo di sposarli o suicidarci!

“Change is a funny thing, not everyone can handle it. It can sneak up on you. Things aren’t what they used to be. The whole world is transformed. You realize the ground beneath you has shifted. Things are uncertain and there’s no turning back. The world around you is different now. Unrecognizable, and there is nothing you can do about it. You’re stuck and the future is staring you in the face and you’re not sure you like what you see. Like I said, I’m not big into change.”

― Grey’s Anatomy (via cmllqnd)


Dempeo Appreciation Week Day 4 Photoshoots

“It turns out, sometimes you have to do the wrong thing. Sometimes you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right.”

― Denny, Grey’s Anatomy (via wonderstruck-013)